Buyer’s Protection Plan

How do I sell my home in this uncertain market?             

When markets shift into a situation that favours buyers, where many listings are competing for fewer and fewer buyers, sellers become anxious about receiving a fair price for their home.

How do you know what is a fair price?

This is the largest problem created for a seller in a buyers market.

Hiring a professional, committed and experienced Realtor® is the first step as trying to sell your home in this uncertain environment requires expertise.

The Buyer Protection Plan answers the two biggest concerns in a buyers market:

  • Home Price Protection
  • Interest Rate Protection

Offering buyers protection with the sale of your home allows you to have a competitive advantage over other listings in your area. Ensuring your home is differentiated will encourage buyers and may give them the confidence to buy your home over others in your area.

Contact me for details of this exciting new program, or read more here

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