I set up this website with the intention of providing you with a frank and honest assessment of all aspects of the real estate market in Oakville, Ontario and surrounding areas, and maybe have a little fun along the way

First, a little about me: here I am in traditional realtor pose (minus the crossed arms I am happy to say). I don’t particularly enjoy seeing pictures of myself on the internet but in this business it is very much an occupational hazard.

I moved to Canada from Cheshire in England back in August 2004, when my husband was offered a job in Toronto with a company offering consultancy services in Nuclear Safety. The company very kindly offered me a job too as we were one of those families where Mom and Dad met at work. We thought about the offer for a couple of days and then decided why not? And four months later we were waving bye bye to all our belongings as they were driven away from our house in a large shipping container. Our decision to live in Oakville was equally random – it was, quite simply, the first place we looked and I decided within the first 5 minutes that this was the place for us. Like most new immigrants we rented at first while we got the boys, then age 9 and 5, settled into new schools and daycare. Six months later we moved into our own home and I would like to say unpacked all the boxes, but I know for a fact that there are at least three lurking in the deepest, darkest recesses of the basement that I never got to, and I am pretty sure never will.

Over the years we have progressed from temporary work permit, to permanent resident to citizen. Our boys have lost their English accents and gained Canadian ones, we all know the words to ‘Oh Canada’ and our weekends are always a Canadian ‘awesome’, rather than a British ‘not so bad’.

The one thing I absolutely did not see coming was the hockey thing. Both of my boys developed an obsession for the game and both played on rep teams, one in the GTHL and the other for the Oakville Rangers. If anyone had told me when I left England that I would spend part of most days freezing in an ice rink, sometimes getting up at 5am for the privilege and then spend at least one evening, generally two driving at least an hour (in a snowstorm) to watch a bunch of little kids skate around and hit a small black object with sticks (that cost $200) I would have thought they were mad. If they had told me how much money we would spend in the pursuit of this pastime I would most definitely have had them committed to the asylum.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I stated that I worked in the Nuclear Industry when I came to Canada and yet this is a site on Real Estate. Well sometime ago I decided that 25 years at one career was long enough and I would start a new venture. So I put my project management and negotiating skills developed in my previous career, my lifelong interest in real estate and my experience of dealing with characters that have just stepped from an episode of ‘The Big Bang theory’ to good use and passed the required courses to allow me to be a registered realtor. Since then I have joined a team working out of Walmart and the rest is, as they say, history.


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